Wide Variety of Glass Table Tops in San Diego

Looking for a Glass Table Top?

Looking for a Glass Table Top?

At Pacific Glass & Mirror Inc., we are able to create custom glass table tops to suit any need. We provide table tops that range from ⅛” up to ¾” thick, covering nearly every residential or commercial need. Our table tops can be tempered or annealed glass, ensuring a stunning and long-lasting fixture in your home or office.
In addition, we can customize your table top with a textured, clear, tinted or sandblasted finish. We have the capacity to cut custom glass shapes and edgework, so you end up with exactly the shape and size you need. Customers can also choose from a wide variety of edge cuts, including beveled, pencil polished, flat polished, radius or clipped.

Glass Table Top Solutions for Any Situation

Glass table tops have a wide range of uses, and we are confident that can provide a custom solution for your particular need. Whether you need to restore a beloved piece of furniture; protect a wood surface from scratches, dings and scuffs; or apply that perfect finishing touch to a piece of furniture you designed yourself, Pacific Glass & Mirror Inc. is San Diego’s go-to place for a custom glass table top.

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