We’ve Been Serving San Diego For Over 20 years

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We’ve Been Serving San Diego For Over 20 years

Client Testimonials

We needed a new glass top for an end table. I brought in the old broken glass. It was carefully measured and a few days later I picked up the new glass, which fits perfectly and had a great edge finish.

I was treated most courteously and definitely recommend this business.”


“Today could’ve really sucked but it didn’t because of PG&M and the man they sent.  A bedroom window of the 97-year-old woman I care for shattered when she fell into it (she’s fine).  A buddy suggested I call PG&M.  Less than three hours later, I was thanking Ben for a job well done.  Also, I was told by a contractor that the quote was really cheap, especially for immediate service.  A far cry from being asked if I could remove and take in the frame myself.  Did I mention that these windows are 55-60 years old and rusted from salt air? 


I went here to get a replacement window for a home bedroom window that got broken.  They were wonderful, efficient and replaced the window in about 24 hours.  I would definitely recommend Pacific Glass & Mirror for your needs in this regard.”


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